In my last post I told you about the brake lines being replaced on my 2001 Dodge Dakota truck. The brakes have been working just fine, but they started to squeak about a month ago.

It’s not a loud squeak, just a little squeak that I find very annoying!

Speaking of brakes, my Toyota Yaris needs new brakes and after buying some new brake shoes it had the worst brake squeal I’ve ever heard! But I digress. (That will be another post!) Back to the Dodge.

Back in April I replaced the wheel hubs on the front of the truck. When I did that, I of course had to take off the front disc brakes and calipers.

When I put the brakes back together, I used a lithium grease for some of the parts and all was well for a bit. Lithium grease is not really a good grease for lubricating brake parts, and shortly thereafter a squeak developed. I watched a couple instructional videos on YouTube and learned that ceramic grease is the best kind to use for brake part assembly.

This is what I purchased:

So I bought some brake cleaner and some ceramic grease and pulled out my floor jack and jack-stands and took the front brakes apart. After cleaning the parts I used some of the ceramic grease on the parts where metal rubbed against metal. After reassembling the brakes and putting the wheels back on, I took the truck for a quick test drive.

Success! No more squeak!

So as I was getting ready to stop the squeak, the heater/air conditioning blower motor stopped working. Seems the resistor that the blower motor uses has blown. If you own an older Dodge, you probably have had this happen to you. In fact, when I bought the truck, it had a bad resistor (as well as a bad blower motor). This will be the third time I’ve replaced the resistor in as many years!

I’ll order a new resistor this week and have that changed ASAP, so that I can have my air conditioning back!  🙂