So it has been quite a while since I’ve updated you about my truck! Things being what they are, the truck sat in my driveway for 9 and 1/2 months! (Here is the link to my first truck post: https://krushemall.com/when-you-least-expect-it/)

I managed to climb under the truck and found that all of the brake lines were severely rusted. So after taking off one of the smaller lines I decided it would just take too long to replace all of the brake lines.

Fortunately one of the networking groups I’m in has an auto repair facility manager in it. Quality Auto Repair in Marlton is the facility. So I talked with them and decided to have the truck towed to their garage so they could check it out.

As I expected, all of the brake lines needed replacing, so I asked them to go ahead and replace them. They did a complimentary review of the whole truck and found a few other things that will need repair in the future, but the most immediate need was a new battery.

Being the hands-on kind of person I am, I told them I would place the battery. šŸ™‚

So last Thursday evening, my baby came home! Yay! The brakes are working fine, once again. And I can drive with assurance that I probably won’t need to do brake lines again, for the life of the truck (at least while I own it).

I used the opportunity of replacing the truck’s battery to instruct my son on the proper procedures and the care needed due to the battery acid and the danger it presents.

Next will be getting the truck through inspection! But I’m not expecting to have any problems with that.

We’ve already used the truck to buy some mums and other fall flowers, and I’m very grateful to have the truck back!

So, have I told you I like my truck? šŸ˜‰