So Mother’s Day will be here this Sunday!

Have you bought your mother and/or your wife a card and present yet?

My mother passed away back in 2003, just before my younger son was born, so that leaves me with only my wife to buy a gift for. (My wife’s mother lives in Brasil, so there’s not a lot to do for her unfortunately.)

Last week my wife started asking me if I had bought her card yet! Really? Sometimes I think she forgets that I’m a man and that we men think differently than women do!  😉

So while shopping the other day, I noticed she was eye-ing up a fountain for her office and her “feng shui-ing”. (I know it’s not a verb, but in our house we use it as a verb!) So being the great opportunist that I and most men are, I asked her if she’d like that for Mother’s Day. She said yes, and I was all done shopping! Woohoo!

Now to get her card tomorrow and take her out for dinner on Sunday (to a local Rodizio) and the celebration will be complete.

So all of you Dads out there … what are YOU giving your mother and wife for her special day?

Care to share?

Have a good day, no matter what you decide to do!