Adam Anderson

Anybody know what Monster Jam is?

Well until yesterday, I had no idea based on the name alone. But after going to the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ and attending the Monster Jam 2014, I now can say I know what it is! And it was lots of fun!

I’ve always liked 4×4 vehicles and my Dodge Dakota is a 4×4. But these trucks are something else! The tires on these trucks are 66 inches tall and weigh around 700 pounds each. That’s a lot of weight, so it was awesome watching one of the crew change a tire on Grave Digger – The Legend‘s truck.


If you’ve never been to Monster Jam, you have to go and check it out! My son loved it and so did my wife. One note of caution – you might want to take some sound deadening headphones or ear-plugs as the engine exhaust noise from these trucks can get quite loud! For you guys/gals that know trucks, the exhaust is little more than the header pipes – which is only about 2 feet of pipes!

There were 4 competitions run:

  1. The Wheelie competition – won by The Legend
  2. The Racing competition – won by The Legend
  3. The Donut competition – won by Grave Digger
  4. The Freestyle competition – won by The Legend

In between there was the Rocket Smart Car, the X-Treme Pogo Stick Guys and the Nuclear Cowboys – motorcycle stunt men. Lots of fun and variation for everyone.

We had pit party passes and were able to down into the pit areas and get autographs and pictures with the drivers and their trucks. The drivers were very accommodating and friendly!

Here is a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Need a nice family outing idea? Then I recommend going to a Monster Jam event when it comes to your area. You and your family will have a great time!

Have a great day!

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