2015 Kia K900

What’s a Kia K900? You say you’ve never heard of it? Well neither had I until one arrived at our house for a review!


The K900 is Kia’s top of the line luxury car. It has a 5.0L V8 gasoline engine which produces 420 hp and has an 8 speed automatic transmission. Step on the gas and this car moves! What have I driven that would allow me to say that this is a fast car? I owned a 1990 Corvette Coupe that had a six speed manual transmission with a 350 ci V8. It produced 250 hp! So trust me when I say this is a fast car. 🙂


Along with that speed comes some really nice options. Watch my video below for my walk through and high lights of the options on the vehicle.



I showed the car to some friends of mine, one of which owned a Kia SUV. They all were very impressed with the car and the Kia owner was ready to trade me!


I liked the car quite a lot and was sad to see it go. The list price of the vehicle is $66,400, which puts it in a class comparable to the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series. Until it becomes more well known, Kia may have a hard time selling enough of these to make it profitable for them. But I’d recommend that you take one of these out for a test drive if you’re in the market for a higher end luxury sedan. I’m fairly certain that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality as well as the performance and drive-ability of this vehicle.

If you’re interested in seeing the MSRP Sticker, just click here.