HP 2000-2d11DX laptop
Hi, my name is Mark. This is my new blog and this is my first post, so as a way of introduction I’d like to let you know a little about me. I am a recently, early retired IT person who has opened and setup dozens of laptops for managers in my old job. But the only laptops I’ve ever used at home were my wife’s older laptops that she no longer used once she got a new laptop (which of course I setup!)  😉
So when the opportunity presented itself to get a new HP laptop, I jumped at the chance! HP graciously provided me with a brand new HP 2000-2d11DX laptop. I purchased it at Best Buy on sale for $349. The price was right and the laptop has everything I need to take care of my new self-employed business.
For the techies out there, it has:
  • an Intel Core i3 Processor (2.4 GHz)  – for the non-techy, that means it’s fast
  • 500 GB hard drive – lots of room to store files and run programs
  • 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory – it can run graphics programs easily
  • DVD Drive – You can watch movies and burn disks with data or pictures
  • 15.6 Brightview LED Display – the screen is nice and bright – easy to see
  • Wireless Lan – to hook into your home’s wireless gateway
  • Built in microphone and video cam – to use with Skype or any video chatting you’d like.
The laptop is basic black and comes with Microsoft WIndows 8.  Microsoft created Windows 8 for mobile devices but it works well on the laptops too. It took a little bit to get used to the new operating system, but it has a walk through to help you with that!
Being familiar with setting up laptops I was done in just a few minutes, but it comes with instructions that even a novice could follow.
The laptop is much faster than the one I was previously using, which is very helpful when working with graphics and website design. The 4 gigs of RAM make the laptop work fast and the 500 GB hard drive gives me lots of storage space for saving my work. The fact that you’re getting that much memory with that large hard drive and that low of a price shows that HP is seriously providing value to its customers.
It comes with various software, some of which are trial versions, which you may purchase if you like. They’ve worked out deals with software providers so that you’ll get discounts if you do decide to purchase the software. Of course, this is something most computer companies provide, but it is a nice convenience.
I’ve used many different makes of computers over the years and I build my own desktops, but when it comes to laptops, I recommend to folks that they buy one of the major provider’s laptops. HP is one of them and they offer great value with the HP 2000-2d11DX laptop.
So thanks to HP, I’m ready to go out and makes lots of money> with my new self employed business!
Thanks HP!