The 2016 Nissan XD Platinum Reserve AWD

The 2016 Nissan XD Platinum Reserve AWD

We live in America! And in America, bigger is almost always better. So I was pretty excited when the 2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve showed up in our driveway.


The Nissan Titan XD is BIG – just check out the truck front-to-rear with my 2001 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab 4X4 SLT.


2016 Nissan Titan XD AWD Platinum Reserve


It has everything a truck lover like me would ever want. (And apparently, what a woman would want as well!) And just what is it that a trucker would like about this vehicle?

Well, check out my video review below:

The truck has a Cummins 5.0 Liter V8 Dual Stage Turbo Diesel engine and a Bosch HPCR fuel system. The engine is compacted graphite iron and generates 310 HP @ 3200 rpm and 555 lb-ft of torque @1600 rpm. As you can see … lots of power!

It has over 2,000 lb payload with over 12,000 lb towing capacity.

I haven’t been in a diesel vehicle for a number of years, but my memories of them are of loud knocking diesel engines. They just don’t run as quietly as gasoline engines. Diesel engines have historically been lower powered than gasoline engines.

But after driving this for a week, I’m sold! The engine is very quiet for a diesel and it really had great pickup – more than I thought was possible from a diesel.

The price on the truck was not finalized on the paperwork we received as it was a brand new model. But you can expect to pay around $60,000 for it.

So if you haven’t driven a diesel truck lately, I highly recommend the 2016 Nissan Titan XD AWD Platinum Reserve!

I’m 100% certain that if you like trucks, you’re going to love this one. šŸ™‚



The Dodge Dakota Stops Squeaking

The Dodge Dakota Stops Squeaking


In my last post I told you about the brake lines being replaced on my 2001 Dodge Dakota truck. The brakes have been working just fine, but they started to squeak about a month ago.

It’s not a loud squeak, just a little squeak that I find very annoying!

Speaking of brakes, my Toyota Yaris needs new brakes and after buying some new brake shoes it had the worst brake squeal I’ve ever heard! But I digress. (That will be another post!) Back to the Dodge.

Back in April I replaced the wheel hubs on the front of the truck. When I did that, I of course had to take off the front disc brakes and calipers.

When I put the brakes back together, I used a lithium grease for some of the parts and all was well for a bit. Lithium grease is not really a good grease for lubricating brake parts, and shortly thereafter a squeak developed. I watched a couple instructional videos on YouTube and learned that ceramic grease is the best kind to use for brake part assembly.

This is what I purchased:

So I bought some brake cleaner and some ceramic grease and pulled out my floor jack and jack-stands and took the front brakes apart. After cleaning the parts I used some of the ceramic grease on the parts where metal rubbed against metal. After reassembling the brakes and putting the wheels back on, I took the truck for a quick test drive.

Success! No more squeak!

So as I was getting ready to stop the squeak, the heater/air conditioning blower motor stopped working. Seems the resistor that the blower motor uses has blown. If you own an older Dodge, you probably have had this happen to you. In fact, when I bought the truck, it had a bad resistor (as well as a bad blower motor). This will be the third time I’ve replaced the resistor in as many years!

I’ll order a new resistor this week and have that changed ASAP, so that I can have my air conditioning back!Ā  šŸ™‚


My 2001 Dodge Dakota Follow-up

My 2001 Dodge Dakota Follow-up




So it has been quite a while since I’ve updated you about my truck! Things being what they are, the truck sat in my driveway for 9 and 1/2 months! (Here is the link to my first truck post:

I managed to climb under the truck and found that all of the brake lines were severely rusted. So after taking off one of the smaller lines I decided it would just take too long to replace all of the brake lines.

Fortunately one of the networking groups I’m in has an auto repair facility manager in it. Quality Auto Repair in Marlton is the facility. So I talked with them and decided to have the truck towed to their garage so they could check it out.

As I expected, all of the brake lines needed replacing, so I asked them to go ahead and replace them. They did a complimentary review of the whole truck and found a few other things that will need repair in the future, but the most immediate need was a new battery.

Being the hands-on kind of person I am, I told them I would place the battery. šŸ™‚

So last Thursday evening, my baby came home! Yay! The brakes are working fine, once again. And I can drive with assurance that I probably won’t need to do brake lines again, for the life of the truck (at least while I own it).

I used the opportunity of replacing the truck’s battery to instruct my son on the proper procedures and the care needed due to the battery acid and the danger it presents.

Next will be getting the truck through inspection! But I’m not expecting to have any problems with that.

We’ve already used the truck to buy some mums and other fall flowers, and I’m very grateful to have the truck back!

So, have I told you I like my truck? šŸ˜‰

Monster Jam 2014!

Monster Jam 2014!

Adam Anderson

Anybody know what Monster Jam is?

Well until yesterday, I had no idea based on the name alone. But after going to the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ and attending the Monster Jam 2014, I now can say I know what it is! And it was lots of fun!

I’ve always liked 4×4 vehicles and my Dodge Dakota is a 4×4. But these trucks are something else! The tires on these trucks are 66 inches tall and weigh around 700 pounds each. That’s a lot of weight, so it was awesome watching one of the crew change a tire on Grave Digger – The Legend‘s truck.


If you’ve never been to Monster Jam, you have to go and check it out! My son loved it and so did my wife. One note of caution – you might want to take some sound deadening headphones or ear-plugs as the engine exhaust noise from these trucks can get quite loud! For you guys/gals that know trucks, the exhaust is little more than the header pipes – which is only about 2 feet of pipes!

There were 4 competitions run:

  1. The Wheelie competition – won by The Legend
  2. The Racing competition – won by The Legend
  3. The Donut competition – won by Grave Digger
  4. The Freestyle competition – won by The Legend

In between there was the Rocket Smart Car, the X-Treme Pogo Stick Guys and the Nuclear Cowboys – motorcycle stunt men. Lots of fun and variation for everyone.

We had pit party passes and were able to down into the pit areas and get autographs and pictures with the drivers and their trucks. The drivers were very accommodating and friendly!

Here is a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Need a nice family outing idea? Then I recommend going to a Monster Jam event when it comes to your area. You and your family will have a great time!

Have a great day!

#MonsterJam @MonsterJam

When You Least Expect It!

When You Least Expect It!


I like trucks … I especially like my truck!

I have a 2001 Dodge Dakota quad cab 4×4 which has a small v8 engine. I bought the truck in July of 2012 and it needed brake work and a new heater/air conditioner blower fan. Other than that, the truck had 150k miles on it and it looked great, so I bought it.

Being familiar with changing the brakes, I opted to replace them all. Yep, I bought 2 new brake drums with brake shoes for the rear wheels and 2 new rotors with disc pads for the front wheels. I used the process to show my 10 year old son how you go about changing the brakes and I let him help me with taking off the wheel’s lug nuts. After a minor issue with a stripped out caliper bolt, we had the brakes replaced and the truck ran (and stopped) just fine! It went through inspection with no problems as well!

So I’ve been using the truck on a part time basis. We have two other vehicles and the truck has been kind of my weekend warrior vehicle. And being the man that I am, I’m always telling my wife, “I love my truck”! And she always responds, “I know, you’ve already told me that Mark”! šŸ™‚

So I was kind of surprised when last Monday night as I was driving my son to his choir practice, the brakes gave out! I had to apply them a little harder than usual and I felt a pop and then my foot went to the floor! YIKES!!! Keeping my wits about me I was able to go the the right side of the road to avoid hitting the car in front of me, but what a surprise.

I managed to get the truck back home with flashers going and using the emergency brake. But I haven’t yet found what the exact problem is. I’ve just been too busy with being a DAD and doing my jobs. My son helped me find where the problem was by pumping the brake that night and seeing all the brake fluid go on the driveway. So I know where-about the problem is, but I need to put on my jump suit and climb under the truck to see the exact problem. I’m guessing that the brake line either rusted through or maybe the ABS unit has broken back near the drivers side wheel where most of the brake fluid showed up.

I plan to look at it later this week and I’ll keep you posted on just what I find. Hopefully I’ll be able to fix it without too much fuss – another problem Krushed! šŸ˜‰

So what about you? Have you ever had something happen when you least expect it? Please share!

‘Til next time,