The New (Old) Laundry Room

The New (Old) Laundry Room

Women can be very funny at times.

We received a new Samsung Washer and Dryer from Best Buy and my wife wanted to place the machines in our back bathroom. This would require running water supplies and running a new drain and vent as well as running a 240 volt line for the dryer. All things i can do and have done in the past.

So why is this funny? Because 12 years ago, my wife decided we should remove the washer and dryer from the very same bathroom and place them in the basement! So yes, I removed the plumbing and drain and had new plumbing put in the basement to accommodate the moving of the laundry machines.

Fortunately, I disconnected and left the 240 line in the 2.5 ft. high crawl space so it only required fishing up through the wall and installing a new outlet box and receptacle and then reconnecting it at the service box. (I had a suspicion about my wife’s moving the machines into the basement! 😉 )

So I thought I’d share the job with you all and let you see the “fun” I had doing it!

Stage 1 – Cut the sheet rock and plan where the new pipes would run. Done

Stage 2 – Install the water supply lines and test – Done

Stage 3 – Install Drain and vent and test (This required lots of time in and out of that very small crawl space!) – Done

Stage 4  – Run 240 volt line and install receptacle (More crawl space work.) – Done

Stage 5 – Cut whole in siding where old dryer vent was and install new vent pipe – Done

Here’s the picture up to this point:

Laundry Room Project 1

Stage 6 – Install insulation and put new sheet rock in place – Done

Stage 7 – Spackle sheet rock and prepare to paint – Done

And here’s the picture for the project up to this point:

Laundry Room Project 2

Stage 8 – Change standard electrical outlet to GFCI outlet and paint new sheet rock – Done

Stage 9 – Install new washer and dryer – Done – Yay!

finished laundry room project






So what projects are you currently working on? Care to share?